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Fold is your virtual quarter back to help you grow and improve your healthcare business.


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About Fold

Fold is your virtual quarter back to help you grow and improve your healthcare business. Our platform helps you design, offer, and execute campaigns of care by coordinating the people, technology and events that power them.

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Fold empowers providers to re-imagine and provides the necessary tools to build a new version of healthcare that unlocks new funding models that enable proactive, outcome focused, personalized care.

Fold turns the practices people, resources, and capabilities into Lego like bricks which they can be combined together to create highly automated services that can be prescribed or sold.  

Fold helps to move primary care beyond the constraints of a 15-minute visit and provide a revolutionary consumer first experience through micro, automated workflows and campaigns of care.

At its core, Fold allows our customers to turn the people, resources and capabilities they have into Lego like blocks and combine them into amazing, modern, consumer-friendly health care services.

Super charge your practice with Fold.

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